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Attention Chapter Presidents!

Posted almost 7 years ago by James F. Lawrence

In my efforts to facilitate community as well as communication in our organization, you all heard me speak about the UAPRN state-wide newsletter recently on the state conference call. This is now your opportunity to show your state officers as well as all the other chapters how "extra special" your chapter is.

I would like to ask each chapter president to designate one person to be the point of contact from your chapter in submitting interesting information about your chapter. This should be 2-3 interesting articles with pictures about your chapter. The designated person would send this information to Ms. Linda Gay, state Secretary and newsletter publisher. Her email address is  lindalgay@gmail.com.

 The deadline for this first newsletter publication will be March 22, 2013 by 5:00pm. This is 11 days from today. Please be aware that not every submission will be included in the newsletter but be left up to the discretion of the newsletter publisher. Linda and I would also like to receive some feedback from you all about what you would like to have in future newsletters as this represents a collaborative effort.  Lastly, please include a list of your current officers and contact information of each officer with this first submission.

This will be a litmus test to show which chapters are serious about communicating with others throughout the state as well as giving me an idea of what great things are going on in your chapters.

As always, I appreciate your participation and feedback in this request.

James F. Lawrence, Ph.D. APRN BC FAANP CPS

UAPRN State President                                                                        


James F. Lawrence almost 7 years ago

Please provide me some feedback on these ideas.

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