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"Grant APRNs FPA" in Counties IDed with Lowest Rankings. SR 188 Final Report and Recommendations

Posted over 1 year ago by Molly Bachtel

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APRNs of Georgia...Very excited to share this Final SR 188 Report with you.

SR 188 Recommendations will be leading to FPA Legislation being introduced here in the near future.

Here are the Seven Recommedations. See the attached document for the full 12 page report and summary of all the meetings.


Based on the foregoing findings, the Committee makes the following recommendations:

1.The Committee agrees that at a time of critical need, the underserved rural areas in Georgia require an innovative approach to healthcare to improve access to care. Therefore, legislation should be introduced to grant APRNs full practice authority in the counties identified as the lowest ranking in health factors and outcomes.

2. The Committee agrees that the Preceptor Tax Incentive Program should be expanded to allow Physician Assistants and APRNs to serve as preceptors and receive a tax credit for such service.

3. In order to promote the governance of Georgia hospitals, the Committee supports efforts to ensure hospital board members receive education and training relevant to their responsibilities.

4. The Committee recommends that the Centering Pregnancy model utilized in Albany, Georgia should be expanded to Department of Public Health facilities statewide, and the state should provide additional funding for such expansion.

5. The Committee supports the expansion of telemedicine and allowing APRNs to be utilized in facilitating and providing patient care through the use of telemedicine.

6. The Committee supports efforts to improve Georgians’ access to mental health services by improving the practice environment for mental health providers and working on recruitment efforts to counties without a mental health provider.

7. In order to ensure APRNs receive reimbursement in those areas with full practice authority, a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code should be created to allow APRNs to serve as a primary care provider and properly bill health insurance providers, such as Medicaid. Additionally, state agencies should their examine policies that create barriers to delivering services to patients.

It is imperative that All APRNs of GA reach out to their home district GA Legislators (look up at openstates.org), get to know them, discuss info with them from this final report document. You can invite your legislator to one of your local meetings, you can deliver a holiday treat to your legislator and introduce yourself as an APRN constituent and deliver a copy of the SR 188 Final Report. Take an APRN friend with you.