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Posted almost 2 years ago by Cynthia Rinehart

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Hello all UAPRN members,

This is a final call for candidates to run for the state UAPRN election!!! We have a nominee for Vice President. However, we still need a treasurer and Director-at- Large.

Please consider running for office, as we cannot have an effective UAPRN without our leadership team. The UAPRN is a vital force in the state of Georgia for serving the healthcare needs of the citizens of Georgia, protecting your professional rights, and continuing to advance your nursing practice. We have a seasoned UAPRN leadership team who are willing to mentor new officers, and everyone knows being an officer of a state nursing group would look wonderful on your resume! We welcome all interested nominees.

 The election will be held the last 2 weeks of October. Elected officers will take office on January 1st, 2018, and serve for 2 years. Per our current bylaws, the frequency of meetings for the state leadership shall be held quarterly, either in person or via conference calls. I have posted the general responsibilities for these positions at the bottom of this email.

The requirements for a candidate and the expected duties are as follows:


Any Regular member in good standing is eligible for elected or appointed office in UAPRN of Georgia.

Candidates for office shall meet established qualifications as delineated under the Bylaws of UAPRN of Georgia.

A candidate's name shall not be placed on the ballot until a signed consent to serve form is returned to the Nomination’s Committee UAPRN of Georgia.



  1. The Vice-President shall generally assist the President and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  2. In the event of the death, resignation, absence, or inability of the President to act, the Vice President shall assume and discharge the powers and duties of the President.
  3. The Vice President shall serve as the Association’s Compliance Officer. (See Article 6 Section 3).


  1. The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate financial records of all its business transactions and other such books of accounts as the Board of Directors may require, and shall exhibit the same to any Directors upon request.
  2. The Treasurer will quarterly disburse membership funds for each new member  to each chapter in UAPRN. The disbursement shall be the month following the end of the quarter. First quarter –January to March in April, Second quarter April to June in July, Third quarter July to September in October and Fourth quarter October to December in January,
  3. No funds shall be withdrawn from the account of the organization without the dual signature of the President and Treasurer for checks greater than $500.00.

Director At Large:

  1. The Director-at-Large shall assume such duties as are specified in these bylaws and other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
  2. The Director-at-Large shall serve as the school liaison, media, and academia contact person. 

Election Date:

*The election will be scheduled for the last 2 weeks of October.

Please contact Cindy Rinehart with your questions and/or interest, at 404-414-9822 or at her email crinehart@chamberlain.edu

Thanks, Cindy Rinehart