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Other GA Legislature Study Committees that Nursing Needs to Attend

Posted almost 2 years ago by Molly Bachtel

Besides SR 188, there are also several other Georgia Study Committee Meetings that our CAPRN lobbyist encourages nurses to attend this fall to demonstrate our increasing engagement in health policy.  There are 2 meetings this coming week (Wed and Thursday) down in Macon and Metter, GA. More dates will be added as they are published. This is a great opportunity for students to get engaged in professional/legislative advocacy. Below is the link to the other meetings. More dates will be added to the sign up as they are published.

Click Here below to VIEW Sign Up for Other Fall Study Committee Meetings

APRNs and APRN Students are asked to attend wearing a white lab coat and royal blue scarf to identify themselves as APRNs. RNs attending are asked to wear a white lab coat with a light “baby” blue scarf. If you do not already have one of the signature scarves, one will be provided to you as you arrive to the meeting. Even if you cannot attend the entire meeting, come for an hour.

If you missed the previous post, below is the link again to sign up to attend the SR 188 Senate Study Committee: Barriers to Georgians’ Accessing Adequate Healthcare. This Study Committee could lead to future legislation to remove barriers to practice for APRNs in Georgia and more importantly, greatly improve access to care for Georgians.*The Sept 11th and Oct 16th Dates/Times are Finalized. 

Click Here below to VIEW Sign Up for SR 188