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Legislative Session Summary from CAPRN Lobbyist

Posted over 2 years ago by Molly Bachtel

Here is a summary of the legislative session courtesy of our APRN Lobbyist, Julianna McConnell, CAPRN Lobbyist

Key Bills Passed and Sent to Governor:

SB 70 “Bed” Tax

SB 96 APRNs, RNs, PAs in nursing homes to pronounce death even if

Organ Donors

HB 249 Prescriptions through electronic data base

SB 4 Georgia Mental Health Treatment Task Force

SB 47 Physicians and PAs – provide for licensure exemption for visiting sports team coming into Georgia (provider was NOT added as hoped)

SB 109 Nurse Compact Bill

SB 193 Partner therapy for patients with chlamydia or gonorrhea

SB 201 Family Leave Act

SB 242 Expands protocol agreement authorized for a physician to 8 APRNs with no more than 4 being directed at one any time

SB 41 Licensure of durable medical equipment suppliers

SB 88 Narcotic Treatment Programs

SB 102 Establish the Office of Cardiac Care within the DPH

SB 106 Nurse Anesthetist bill – pain management clinics

SR 188 Study Committee on Barriers to Georgians’ Access to Adequate Healthcare (Barriers to APRN Pracitice)

HB 427 Cancelable loan program for physicians expanded to PAs, dentist and APRNs

SB 125 PA Hydrocodone compound prescriptive rights – REMOVED APRNS (APRNs removed due to very problematic language being added that would have given Composite Board of Medicine Increased Oversight of/Authority over APRNs)

We avoided a major disaster when there was an attempt through the PA Hydrocodone bill to give the Composite Board of Medicine (CBOM) authority to govern all APRN prescriptive authority. Currently the CBOM only regulates the physician with whom we enter a nurse protocol agreement with. We were successful in having APRNs removed from the bill entirely. In states where Full Practice Authority has been achieved, there is no joint oversight by BOM, only BON. 

Here is the language from the SECTION 2 of SB 125. For those that might be interested:

Section 2 read:

"The board shall have the authority to govern all advanced practice registered nurse prescriptive authority, including exceptions to Schedule II, Schedule III, Schedule IV, and Schedule V controlled substances. The board shall require that each advanced practice registered nurse register with the board and receive a prescriber number which shall track each advanced practice registered nurse prescribing history. The governing authority provided by the subsection to the board shall include the requirement that all reports and complaints regarding drug abuse or any drug related professional complaints are to be reported to the board and the board may revoke an advanced practice registered nurse's nurse protocol agreement or recommend disciplinary action to the Georgia Board of Nursing. The board shall have the authority to promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the intents, and purposes of the subsection"

SR 188 Study Committee on Barriers to Georgians’ Access to Adequate Healthcare (Barriers to APRN Pracitice)

HB 427 Cancelable loan program for physicians expanded to PAs, dentist and APRNs


SB 180 Preceptor tax credit

SB 40 Emergency medical services personnel authorize them to issue involuntary transport certain mentally ill patients after consulting with medical professional

HR 388 House Study Committee on Meeting the Demand For Nursing Care in Georgia

SB 8 Surprise Billing

With our APRN Senate Study Committee approved, look for many leadership opportunities to come soon as we will prepare the summer to schedule testimony before the committee in the fall....Local groups please think about hosting your district legislators to some of your local meetings to continue to build those important relationships we will need to move any future APRN legislation forward. We will need a thousands not just a couple hundred engaged in advocacy to help pass any major legislation. 

Like what we have been able to accomplish? Please consider Donating to the effort and funding our ability to have our own APRN Lobbyist. This is a year round job, especially with our APRN Study Committee around the corner!



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