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RED ALERT: Immediate LEGISLATIVE CALL TO ACTION RE: PTIP/Preceptor Tax Incentive SB 180 (was HB 301)

Posted over 2 years ago by Molly Bachtel

APRNs of Georgia,

You know how important this Preceptor Tax Incentive is to improving clinical sites availabilty for our Georgia APRN students, as there is a shortage of willing preceptors/clinical sites.

Send emails to the following leaders in the House to ask them to please put SB 180 on the House Rules Calendar on Tuesday, March 28.

 This must be done ASAP (THIS evening or very early Monday AM) as House Rules Committee is meeting tomorrow at 1:30 pm

*Just include a sentence or two about ---the preceptor tax credit and why it is important.

*Mention that it has now been included on SB 180.

Sample Email (please personalize/modify so it doesn't look like a form letter):

Dear Representative XXXXXX,

I am contacting you to ask you to please put SB 180 on the House Rules Calendar for Tuesday March 28th. SB 180 now includes the Preceptor Tax Incentive Program (PTIP) Bill which is very important way we can help alleviate Georgia's primary care provider shortage. 

How will the PTIP program help? To create the primary care provider workforce needed, we must first produce graduates from our educational programs in the state. If we cannot meet the clinical training needs required of these programs, then we cannot produce graduates. Now Georgia MD, APRN, and PA programs are growing, but there is a SERIOUS shortage of clinical sites willing to take students. PTIP would help tremendously in alleviating this issue. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jane Doe, RN, MSN, FNP-C

Chairman John Meadows

Representative Jan Jones

Representative Jon Burns

Representative Brett Harrell

Speaker David Ralston

Thank you!!

Molly Bachtel, CAPRN Legislative Liaison

Julianna McConnell, CAPRN Lobbyist