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HB 301 Preceptor Tax Incentivery Program!!!

Posted over 2 years ago by Michelle Nelson

Sent on behalf of GNA

All Members,

The Legislative Session is nearing its end and while we are very happy to have passed the Nurse Licensure Compact Legislation our work is still not finished. HB 301 – Preceptor Tax Incentive Program has passed the house and currently resides in the Senate Finance Committee where it can go no further without being put on the agenda for a vote.

We are asking that you take a moment to contact the members of this committee (information listed below) and request that it be given a hearing and favorable consideration.

This bill would revise the original law and change the benefit to a tax credit, instead of the current deduction.  If HB 301 is signed into law, Physician Assistants and Advanced Practice nurses who act as preceptors, along with MD/DO preceptors, would be eligible for PTIP.   Preceptors interested in supporting HB 301 should contact the members of the Senate Finance Committee (information below).

For a list of talking points on how this bill will function CLICK HERE


Chairman: Chuck Hufstetler

Vice Chair: Hunter Hill

John Albers (Alpharetta)

Bill Cowsert (Athens)

Jack Hill (Reidsville)

Renee Unterman (Buford)

Steve Gooch (Dahlonega)

Bill Heath (Bremen)

Lester Jackson (Savannah)

Nan Orrock  (Atlanta)

Chuck Payne (Dalton)

David Shafer (Duluth)

Bruce Thompson (White)

Michael Williams (Cumming)

WE MUST let our elected officials know that nurses are tuned in and paying attention to them as they make the decision about whether to, or not, take heed our calls for the advancement of the nursing profession in our state!

Call!….. Email!…. Tweet!…. And engage your co-workers and colleagues to join you in doing so, that we may display our ability to organize and engage when the future of our profession is hanging in the balance.