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Georgia Public Broadcasting Membership Campaign featuring UAPRN!!

Posted over 2 years ago by Michelle Nelson

Please join me in congratulating the Gwinnett/Forsyth Chapter members and Regina Canty their Chapter President for their leadership this past Sunday March 12th. UAPRN was invited to participate in a special, live on-air, TV Membership Campaign at the Georgia Public Broadcasting Studio. Leadership was interviewed on air and all members looked stunning in their UAPRN t-shirts. This amazing event was a tremendous amount of fun. We look forward to going back to promote GPB programming and bring awareness to UAPRNs accomplishments and growth.


Mike Wiggins over 2 years ago

Congratulations. I applaud ya'll for promoting Nurse Practitioners while assisting PBS. Keep the Faith. God is Good. Thanks.

Heather Jones over 2 years ago

Congratulations. This was a great promotional opportunity for teaching about APRNs. Thank you for representing us.

Katharine Marie Harper over 2 years ago

Congratulations!!! Keep up the strong work!!!!

Lynette Hall over 2 years ago

Congratulations to Regina and her chapter for representing Nurse Practitioners well.

Patti Hill over 2 years ago

I saw it! I just happened to be channel surfing that day and clicked on GBP to see what was on. Imagine my surprise to see our UAPRN Tshirt folks on the phones in the background! When I heard the announcer describe UAPRN as the volunteers for that day and showing our UAPRN logo, I was so proud! Thank y'all so much for doing this great outreach! I even saw Teeny on the phone over the announcer's shoulder :-) Everyone looked great and busy. Way to go Gwinnett Chapter!

James F. Lawrence over 2 years ago

Way to go members! This is truly being proactive and putting into action UAPRN's mission statement!!

Thank you all very much

James F Lawrence, Ph. D. APRN BC FAANP
Immediate Past State President

Jill Nielsen over 2 years ago

Great job Gwinnett/Forsyth Chapter! I love the promotional idea.

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