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Fantastic Day at the Capital!

Posted over 1 year ago by Dana Hickman

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Special thanks to CAPRN-Molly, Julianna,  Julie and Mary Jane- as well as UAPRN's always dynamic President Michelle Nelson for making this event happen!  Great presentations by Senator Renee Unterman, Laura Searcy, Tim Davis (on behalf of Marcus Downs, GNA) and the volunteers for the "How a Bill Becomes a Law" Role Play!  We enjoyed meeting with Senator Unterman, Senator Gloria Butler, Representative Buzz Brockway and Representative Mary Margaret Oliver.  Stay tuned for the next meeting... as you won't want to miss it!

Nurses and APRN's are uniting together for "One Voice"... we are


Katharine Marie Harper over 1 year ago

So exciting! Can't wait for the next meeting!

Dimple Lilian Kripalani over 1 year ago

When the next one!
I will definitely be there!

Molly Bachtel over 1 year ago

Love the One Voice sign in the background, I know we are doing the thumbs up...but it kinda looks like we are holding up one finger for "One Voice!" Le us inspire all our fellow APRNs to engage in legislative advocacy, image if even10% of APRNs in Georgia, about 1000 APRNs, committed to meeting up with their legislator and began building the "therapeutic relationships" we need to have to pass the legislation we need to remove barriers to our practice, so we can in turn improve health access and outcomes. Please sign up for APRN of the Day Jan 9th through March 22nd Mon/Tues/Wed Free CE will be offered for this activity!! Check out the videos that will show you how simple it is to get involved Click or paste this link:

Marcia Mcbrayer over 1 year ago

Would love to be involved in next meeting. Thanks to all of you who went for those of us who were unable to get off to join you.

Shelia Bradshaw over 1 year ago

What a wonderful learning experience. I am so excited to attend the next meeting. I am so motivated to help advance and support our profession.

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