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Get Out and Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted almost 3 years ago by Michelle Nelson

Good Morning to All UAPRN Members and Followers,


Today is such an important day in which we have an opportunity to exercise our right to vote. So many of us have voted already, but this is the grand finale!! For the patients we serve, communities, families, loved ones, colleagues, etc., let us contribute our voices and support. We are all so busy with our daily activities. But if you have not done so already, please get out and vote. Although no candidate is perfect, vote for the candidate that represents your interests best. Just vote and encourage those around you to do so as well. Please send your pics with your voter stickers to us so that we can upload and showcase them. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses have a significant voice. Let's let it be heard loud and clear. This is democracy in action. Have an amazing election day!!!!

Michelle A. Nelson                                                                                                                       

UAPRN State President


Darlene Crittenden over 2 years ago

Alabama does not have early voting. We still use paper ballots. I work 12 hour shifts 7 on/7 off. I worked last night but nothing could deter me from voting this morning. So much is at stake; especially for us, please vote APRNs.

Michelle Nelson over 2 years ago

Yes Darlene you're so right. Nothing should stop us!! Thank you for your passion.

lee lindsey Bleshoy over 2 years ago

Attention all APRN's within Georgia District 8, please be aware that incumbent Austin Scott has verified that he will NOT support the proposed VA bill that would authorize full practice authority for APRN's. However, candidate James Harris has verified the he WILL support the proposed VA bill authorizing full practice authority for APRN's within the VA. 

Knowledge is power. Together, APRN's have a strong voice and we WILL make positive changes together. Let's start by electing officials who value us and are willing to work with us as we continue to provide the excellent healthcare our patients deserve. 


lee lindsey, DNP, NP-C, FNP-BC

Michelle Nelson over 2 years ago

Lee thank for sharing your insights. This will help people who live on your district. Meeting with your legislators in your district was wise to help inform your decision. We need to do much more of that.

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