United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

Fundraising Report from UAPRN State Conference and PAC Update

Posted almost 3 years ago by Dana Hickman

Keeping all members abreast of fundraising and UAPRN PAC activity.

At the UAPRN conference you raised the following:

Tshirt sales:             $645 (non PAC revenue for scholarships)

Raffle ticket sales:  $695 (non PAC revenue)

PAC $ raised:            $2256

Total raised:             $3596

PAC: Administrative Issues/Membership update:

1.  UAPRN PAC is a 501C 6; Separate Segregated Fund (SSF)

2.  UAPRN PAC has a separate Tax ID number from UAPRN

3.  Established a new bank account in alignment with new Tax ID number.

4.  Starting PAC balance:  $4632.08

5.  PAC fundraising event at conference (UAPRN members/family only) $2256

6.  New PAC balance:  $6888.08

7.  PAC can only accept donations from members/families; Donations are not tax deductible.  Please work with the UAPRN PAC for pollitcal contributions.

8.  UAPRN PAC information is public information on the FEC website.  Every registered PAC is totally transparent and you may look them up on-line.

9.  UAPRN PAC follows the 1/3 rule for promotional items.

10.  Our connected organization (UAPRN) can only contribute money for administrative funds or overhead.

Our organization is on the way to "GREATNESS" and will strive to unify the VOICE for improving health care access for Georgia Residents!  If you want to work with our PAC and host a fundraising event.... please call me at 678-458-0977!

Thanks for all you do!

Dana Hickman