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Membership Discount!!!!!!!

Posted almost 3 years ago by Michelle Nelson

Dear UAPRN Member, Extended Organizational Family and Followers,

It gives me such pleasure to be able to say that The UAPRN 2016 Inaugural Conference was spectacular. The energy throughout the conference was palpable. The twenty-five speakers representing a depth and breadth of topics have mobilized us to get busy moving our organization forward. I am so grateful to all of you who attended, participated, volunteered, or just sent great vibes. So many of you told me that you were ready to join and serve.

In an effort to draw more members to our organization, we are implementing a membership drive. There is now a 10% discount in place for all newly joining and renewing members. This discount starts today and will remain in place until next Wednesday 10/5/16. For those of you who have joined in the past week, please contact me so that you can receive your 10% reimbursement. The conference was just a glimpse of the vision set forth for all that UAPRN has to offer and will accomplish. However, we can not do it without you. Please join, encourage others to join, renew your memership and stay with us. "The Best is Yet to Come" and we have much work to do. Let's do it together!!

Thank you in advance to our growing UAPRN family.

Sincerely,Michelle A. Nelson, PhD, APRN, MS, FNP-BC
UAPRN State President


Sekeithia Waters almost 3 years ago

I agree the conference was wonderful! More than I expected in fact. Can you let me know when the presentations will be made available. The NP legal section was so pertinent to my everyday practice and I really need to see it at length. Thank you again for putting on such a successful first run.

Sekeithia Austin, Fnp-c

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