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UAPRN State Conference Update

Posted over 1 year ago by Michelle Nelson

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UAPRN Members,

Among the attendees of our last educational dinner program at "Chicken & The Egg" was our State UAPRN President, Dr. Michelle Nelson! Her mere presence expressed a true genuine, unmatched enthusiastic, and optimistic attitude. One specific goal Dr. Nelson expanded on pertained to the extreme importance of all Georgia UAPRN collaborating together state-wide, all 13 chapters, to continue building a large and unified voice for ALL Georgia UAPRN's. Of course with the ultimate common goal of gaining "Full Practice Authority"

Dr. Nelson updated our chapter on multiple topics, with our fast approaching "UAPRN State Conference" at the forefront of topics. It's not to late to register!! Search under "Upcoming Events" tab for full details including agenda, pricing, hotels, CME (total of 22) info, & even an offical "Ghost Tour" has been arranged. The tour is offered to paid members only, so try update your UAPRN membership fees prior to the conference. The state conference will be held in Savannah on September 23-24th.

Click Here & Register Today!

We we hope to see you there!

Katharine Harper, FNP-C, VP Cobb & Cherokee Chapter