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The 2016 UAPRN Penny Maynard Memorial Scholarship

Posted about 3 years ago by Michelle Nelson

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Dear UAPRN Members,

We are pleased to announce that the The UAPRN Penny Maynard Memorial Scholarship Application is available. It is exciting to be able to offer these scholarship funds to students and full members who are pursuing advancements in their education. UAPRN is dedicated to promoting academic excellence and contributing resources to ensure your success. 

The scholarship application has been streamlined, making it quite easy for you to complete. Please send your completed application to mnelson18@gsu.edu. The winner will be announced the week of September 19 at the 2016 UAPRN conference being held in lovely Savannah, GA Sept 22-24. Please make plans to attend the conference.

Good luck to all,

Michelle Nelson



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