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Clarification on SB 314 ( Fingerprinting)

Posted over 3 years ago by Tiney Ray

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Hello everyone,

I have just reviewed clarification of what SB 314 is about. This proposed bill was initiated by the GA BON to strengthen APRN licensure language to be consistent with the Nurse Compact Agreement. The Compact, allowing nurses to practice under one license in multiple states, requires APRNs to have a unique nursing license. GA currently "authorizes" NP practice.

Please see the attachment. 


Thank you in advance



Tiney Ray over 3 years ago

After reviewing the attachment, I feel much better. At this point we have to do whatever it takes to stick together, so we can move on to gain Full Practice Authority in the state of Georgia. The Board of Nursing should be in control of our practice, not the Composite Board. Anything we can do to support that, we should do. We have bigger fish to fry.

Katharine Marie Harper over 3 years ago

I agree with your comment Tiney Ray. A few others questions:

1.) In addition, after reviewing the attached documents, is it true that PA's and MD's are not required to do criminal background checks (CBC) as well?

2.) Secondly, needing clarification in regards to the wording and definition specifically the term "biometric method" which is stated in the attached documents. I have copied and pasted below directly from the attached documents provided in the original posting. According to the documentation, the state of Georgia will be able to decide to either use 1.) fingerprints OR 2.) biometric methods as a form of completing the requiring criminal background checks (CBC). If the second option of biometric methods is chosen, instead of the fingerprint option, what is the specific definition of "biometric methods" and or the approved list of what they consider to be a form of "biometric methods"

"The BON shall require a state and federal CBC of an applicant by means of a fingerprint check or other biometric method which is in compliance with the methodology acceptable to the appropriate state law enforcement agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)"

3.) And lastly, what is the price of getting a CBC done? And who is held responsible for paying the fee?

Thank you for any feedback / clarification / comments / concerns and or questions.

Katharine Harper, (Vice-president Cobb / Cherokee Chapter)

Dellarie Shilling over 3 years ago

Katherine is asking good questions. The Board has MANY options to look at to accomplish the requirement; hence the permissive language. We will have the Board looking at all of them. Having no funding source for this bill, our immediate aim is to get it passed, then work out the details within the Board. Our desire is to have GA APRNs practicing to the fullest measure of their education and training to benefit Georgians.

Tiney Ray over 3 years ago

Thank you Dell for answering Katharine's question. Katharine , there will be more information to follow as the Board of Nursing work out the details .

Thanks again

lee lindsey Bleshoy over 3 years ago

Will any of this be impacted by the Governor's Bill (HB 952) currently in play that essentially gives absolute power to the Governor's office regarding policies for professional licensing boards?

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