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Posted over 3 years ago by Tiney Ray

HB 997 PTIP Bill

Purpose: To extend the eligibility for the PTIP beyond MDs, to include APRNs and PAs that serve as Preceptors to receive Tax deductions up to $10,000

Please contact Chairman Powell and indicate your desire to see HB 997 be moved through committee and the floor as soon as possible. Please let Denise Kornegay at: DKORNEGA@gru.edu know of any response you receive. The bill's author has requested APRN assistance in letting the Chair know how important this bill is. He is a co-author of the bill and supports the concept, but needs to know how important it is to all of us.

House of Representatives Jay Powell

Chairman Jay Powell
Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee
Capital Number: (404) 656-5103

Jay Powell
R - Camilla
District 171

Capitol Address:
133 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

District Address:
PO Box 188
Camilla, Ga 31730
Office: 229.336.3962

  • Appropriations - Ex-Officio
  • Governmental Affairs - Member
  • Judiciary - Member
  • MARTOC - Member
  • Rules - Member
  • Ways & Means - Chairman


Althea Palomino over 3 years ago

Email sent to chairman Powell. Will post updates!

Patti Hill over 3 years ago

This would be a great boon to me personally, as I precept students every semester!

Judith Sherman over 3 years ago

What is the bill about?

Darlene Crittenden about 3 years ago

I have sent my email and also shared this with others to encourage the passing of the bill as well. If you know anyone in education, hospitals, or the community that may not have access to knowing of something this important in the works, please share this with them and ask them to contact Chairman Powell as well. I will keep you posted on updates...I am excited!!

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